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Supa Supa: an unusual superhero



He is strange, a little bit immature and he has superpowers that allow him to control and manipulate reality: he is Supa Supa, an atypical superhero, almost an anti-hero struggling with a girl who gives him literally the butterflies in the stomach and a rival that ruins his seduction plans.

Will he manage to seduce her or will she break his heart? 

Supa Supa is a new webseries created by Bounty Banana’s duo composed by Steven Briand and Julien Jourdain de Muizon, french filmmakers and animators. It is a very original series, because they are used the techniques of stop motion and pixilation, which allow the protagonist to jump on buildings, move and throw objects without touching them and move in space by making a myriad of acrobatics.

The peculiarity of the series also resides in the fact that it is totally devoid of dialogues and this allows you to focus more on the colorful visual universe in which the characters move, enriched by a unique soundtrack created mainly by the beatboxing technique and characterized by special effects and by typical sounds of video games.

Produced by Vast Be Mess and Studio 4, the web series online platform of France Télévisions, the web series is available on Studio 4’s website and on the YouTube channel of the series, on which every Sunday you can discover two new episodes.

To watch the first episodes of Supa Supa click on the LINK button

Stefania Ingrassia

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