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The 89 Webseries of Sicily Web Fest


The Sicily Web Fest, from 26 to 28 August, will be held at the island of Ustica, has closed inscriptions and It has selected 89 webserie.

The webserie selected come from 15 several Countries There will be 26 awards to the winners.

Among organizers of Sicily Web Fest, there will be also EmergingSeries with Mirko Lino and Giusy Mandalà.

the 89 webserie selected are: 

ARGENTINE A Horrible World (AR) A year without us (AR) Boy Scauts (AR) Eletrical (AR) Free Time (AR) Instructions for Humans (AR) Mundillo (AR) Pick Up The Fork (AR) Psychosomatic (AR) Romanos (AR) Shorts about Giants (AR) Simple (AR) Sucede (AR) The Adventures of Broken Heart (AR) The Show of Cúmulo & Nimbo (AR)

AUSTRALIA Starting From Now (AU) The Agent (AU)

CANADA Claire et Michel – Le Documentaire (CA) La Dump (CA) Savvy Spinster Does the Cinema (CA) The Spell Tutor (CA)

FRANCE Authentik (FR) Beard Club (FR) God Bless Zombies (FR) Il le faut! (FR) Io (FR) Le Meufisme (FR) Mortus Corporatus (FR) RANDOM (FR)

GERMANY Emmas Welt (DE) Kumbaya (DE) Number of Silence (DE) REDLAND (DE) Snippets Of A Lifetime (DE) You Me We (DE)

JAPAN Yukata Cowboy (JP-US)

ITALY Anime e Sangue: La Strada per Casa (IT) CAST AWAY – Le Faremo Sapere (IT) CHARME (IT) Ergo Sum (IT) Eva + Eva (IT) Ghost Cam (IT) Hai visto Tom Collins? (IT) Il Camerlengo (IT) Il Progettino (IT) Il Trittico (IT) In The Closet (IT) Inferno – La Serie (IT) Innumerevoli Ombre (IT) La Formica Argentina [Shots](IT) La Montagna dei Folli (IT) La Rana delle Favole (IT) Lost in Sardinia (IT) LSB The Series (IT) Moonville Diaries (IT) Nero (IT) Night after Night (IT) Nine – The Series (IT) Non è mai troppo tardi (IT) REW La Rete Invisibile (IT) Ritals (IT) Sanguigna (IT) SBANKati (IT) Su Marte non c'è il mare (IT) Unico Grande Amore – La Serie (IT) WSK (IT)


MEXICO Se murió la abuela (MX)


SPAIN Desenterrados (ES) La Casta Serie (ES) La Supercafetera (ES) Mamà pon la webcam (ES) Mirame cuando te hablo (ES) Rubia en apuros (ES)

USA Late Bloomer Show (US) Phoenix Run (US) Successful People (US) The Pantless Detective (US) The Sisters Sorella (US)

SWITZERLAND Arthur (CH) Il étail une foi les gens (CH) Welcome to our Home (CH)


Mattia Li Puma

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