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I-Docs 2016: Exploring Interactive Documentary Storytelling


From March 2 to 4 will be held in Bristol the biannual symposium of I-docs, the research program of the Digital Cultures Research Center of the University of West England. Three days dedicated to the rapid evolution of the interactive documentary.

This year the topics of the Symposium are:

- Tools for thinking-interactive documentaries for the production, teaching and research;

- Uses dell'immersione- from personalization to VR and experiential storytelling;

- Practices and evolution- where does the i-doc today?

The event is expected to researchers, makers and designers from the Academy and industry, which will animate the panels and workshops and present a preview for the UK some winning works at major festivals.

The Symposium is curated by Judith Aston, Mandy Rose and Sandra Gaudenzi.

EmergingSeries will follow it for you closely.

For further information: http://idocs2016.dcrc.org.uk/

tw: @ i-docs


Ornella Costanzo

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