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From Interdisciplinary Italy:Cthulhu by Komplex. Augmented Reality as Intermedia Fiction and Surfacing Media

30-11-2016 Written by  Mirko Lino

We are very pleased to report you the brief article by Mirko Lino Cthulhu by Komplex. Augmented Reality as Intermedia Fiction and Surfacing Media. This article is published on the cultural blog Interdisciplinary Italy.

Mirko Lino looks at the intermedia dimension of Augmented Reality storytelling, starting with the analysis of the recent AR works by Komplex - Live Cinema Group.

...Because of the richness of the codes, formats, sounds and images that are woven together, a project like Cthulhu can be considered an example of intermedia fiction: a narrative organised on a dense fabric of interartistic references that, aside from the clear reference to Lovecraft’s literature, recalls Situationism, video art in the style of Fluxus, the material conceptualism of Lucio Fontana, the narrative labyrinths of Borges, the conspiracy theories of Pynchon and much cyber culture...

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